Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Preparing for Sping Break

First of all I just want everyone to know that Mike Perry loves me the most. There I said it. This spring break is going to be ridiculous because I'm going along with the Perry clan and friends to Clearwater Florida. I guess I'll just go in with no expectations because there's no telling what kinds of mischievous deeds the Red Baron will be up to while he's making margaritas on the beach. One things for sure though, the gingers with their pale skin kissing the afternoon sun are going to need a lot of SPF and aloe to cool their hot backs.

Turns out, today is also my last day at work for co-op. Yeahhh! I came in an hour an twenty minutes late, too (supposed to do prayer thing in morning.. I didn't wake up). No one said a word to me about it when I got in ahahah. I walked in and said high to the tech-guys as usual, those guys are cool as hell. Bill and Mike are like 60 and they're friggin hilarious, they rag on each other all day. Yesterday, I asked Bill for some superglue, and he said he might have some if Mike didn't sniff it all in his free time. I finally got into my office (cubicle) and Bob (crazy phone guy) was already knee deep in sh*t. One of the tech guys was at some company in Kentucky, and he had to spend another day there. Well that's not good, because Bob needs him in Milwaukee the next morning to fix a different machine. That phone conversation is going to be awesome hehe. I'm going to miss it. The smell of coffee and the blinking florescent lights.. I'm going to miss it. But Florida is calling, and I'll be back in June to hopefully give this blog some more scenes from the real office.


B-Call said...

you need to go hit up Sarasota to give us a first hand account of our 2008 Cincinnati Redlegs.

Sionn said...

Ey BONAR! I wanna see that pic of you that I drew. Hahaha I need some of that nostalgia!

B-Call said...

hello, my name is Jamie Bonar and i'm a tool cuz i haven't updated my blog in forever.
hey, remember that time i posted. yeah, that was great. AND ALMOST 5MONTHS AGO!!!

update fool.